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Welcome to Theralux: a proudly Australian designed swimming pool filtration and sanitation system.Representing over 100 years of water purification expertise, Theralux is the healthiest, most affordable and environmentally friendly way to transform your pool into a rejuvenating therapeutic experience.Combining advanced filtration technology with a natural mineral formula, Theralux provides the healthiest and safest swimming environment for your backyard.Harnessing the cleansing elements found in natural mineral baths and oceans around the world, Theralux eliminates issues common in less sophisticated systems such as green water, stinging eyes and itchy skin. Now you can swim in comfort, free from the bitter taste of salty water and the harsh, chemical smell of chlorine lingering on the body long after you’ve left the water.

What’s more, as Theralux is highly energy efficient, you can enjoy a rejuvenating swim while making substantial savings on your electricity bills. Find the right Theralux system for your pool today and enjoy the luxurious swimming experience you and your family deserve.

You’ll discover the improvement in water quality and the therapeutic benefits to all who swim in a Theralux pool.

Minerals in pool

Theralux is a division of International Quadratics. Proudly Australian-owned with over 100 years of industry success, International Quadratics is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool chemicals for local and international markets. We believe the time of heavily salted or chlorinated pools is over. Through our combined experience and expertise, we aim to deliver you the healthiest, safest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly swimming environment possible.Several scientific studies of swimming pool water have recorded the beneficial effects certain mineral compositions have on the human body. One composition in particular, magnesium chloride, has been proven to provide a number of substantial health and wellbeing benefits to the bather.Mineral enhanced swimming pool water provides a softer and more natural feel. Its mild flocking capabilities help to filter out extremely fine material such as dust and dirt, providing a crystal clear swimming pool all year round. This reduces the need for specialty chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides, delivering you further cost savings.A mineral enhanced additive feels pleasant, has little to no taste and moisturises your skin as you swim. For sensitive skin, including young children and people with conditions like eczema and dermatitis, Theralux is the ultimate choice. It also provides natural relief for injuries and muscular complaints—using a mineral content, it will be absorbed through the pores of the skin, relaxing the nervous and muscular system.

Each year millions of people fly around the world to exotic locations to bathe in natural mineral baths and springs. These proclaimed ‘fountains of youth’ contain naturally occurring combinations of minerals that soothe the body and relax the mind.

Using a mineral enhanced additive will produce the same therapeutic effect. One swim leaves you feeling calm, nourished, rejuvenated and revitalised. It’s like a natural bath in your backyard.

When compared to traditional salt and chlorine pool sanitation, a Theralux pool is also the best choice for the environment. Our efforts to reduce sodium usage in our pools helps reduce urban salinity and, because salt is highly corrosive, using less prolongs the life of any accessories and products used in and around your pool.

A mineral enhanced additive can be added to any pool to improve the swimming experience, we recommend using the additive in conjunction with the entire Theralux System to unlock the full potential of natural mineral swimming.

Play your part in a greener tomorrow and enjoy a more luxurious swimming experience for you and your family, switch to a Theralux Pool today.

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  • Good Health

    • Theralux treated mineral pool water is filled with natural emollients, which leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, perfect for those with sensitive skin ailments.
    • Theralux cutting edge filtration equipment provides crystal clear clarity, eliminating germs and bacteria from your pool while ensuring a clean, mild taste.
    • Mineral enhanced pools deliver a range of therapeutic benefits, ensuring you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after every swim.
    • Mineral enhanced pool is valuable to those who are pregnant. Several researches have found that proper levels of magnesium during pregnancy can help keep the uterus from contracting prematurely. A Theralux mineral pool will also treat pregnant women with tissue repair, providing relief to a body that is being pushed to its limits.

    More Efficient 

    • The entire Theralux system has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible.
    • Our 8 Star Energy Rated Theraflo TVS pool pump will provide substantial electrical consumption savings over its lifetime.
    • Our Theraclear Filter and Glass Filtration Media produce optimum hydraulic conditions for your pump to deliver considerable energy savings.

    Smart Money

    • Due to its outstanding energy efficiency, the Theralux system delivers substantial cost savings over its lifetime.
    • By reducing the need for backwashing, Theralux also significantly reduces water usage and costs.
    • The reduction in backwashing also minimises the amount of chemicals required for balancing, saving you even more money.
    • Due to its superior design, the Theralux system also reduces the need for speciality chemicals like clarifiers & algaecides, further reducing your expenses

    Eco Intelligence

    • By reducing the amount of water required to top up your pool after backwashing, the Theralux system helps save this precious resource. This will provide considerable literage savings over the life of the system.
    • Theralux will play a role in reducing Urban Salinity, with an impressively low salt/mineral content of 3000ppm.
    • Theralux pool water requires less ongoing treatment, cutting the use of harsh chemicals.

Product Range

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.”

Theraflo TVS

Featuring the latest innovations and technology, the Australian-designed Theraflo TVS swimming pool pump delivers adjustable water flow and energy savings at the push of a button. Unlike conventional single speed pool pumps, the Theraflo TVS also features adjustable speed controls to better meet your water requirements.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into the Theralux system, this energy efficient pool pump is compatible with every filtration system, ensuring you can save money on your electricity bills while maintaining a cleaner, healthier swimming pool.


Therachlor SMC

Therachlor SMC represents the next generation
in swimming pool chlorination technology. Fully automated and featuring a Switch Mode power supply, Therachlor is a highly energy efficient swimming pool sanitation system. It will save you time and money and reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a cleaner and healthier pool.

With a simple to navigate digital interface
and a backlit LCD, Therachlor is easy to set
up and operate.

Available in 25G and 35G.


Simple to operate, UV stabilised and corrosion resistant, the Theraclear filter is part of the unique Theralux swimming pool system. Combined with the Theraclear Glass Filter Media it provides crystal clear water clarity and a healthy pool all year long.



Theratherm Heat Pumps enable you to enjoy your pool all year round.

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, Theratherm Heat Pumps come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of swimming pool volumes. Harnessing the warmth of nature, Theratherm Heat Pumps are highly economical and environmentally friendly.

The Theralux system, this energy efficient pool pump is compatible with every filtration system, ensuring you can save money on your electricity bills while maintaining a cleaner, healthier swimming pool.

Theraclear Glass Filtration Media

Theraclear Glass Filtration Mediacreates a cleaner and healthier swimming environment. It improves water flow through the filter and decreases loading on the pool pump to extend pump life. Theraclear Glass Filter Media is a breeze to clean and maintain.

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